Maccarun' a l'ogn'
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Ingredients for 4 people

  • 400 grams of tender wheat flour
  • Warm water
  • Fresh tomato sauce
  • Hard salted ricotta cheese
  • Or fried crispy peppers


Prepare the dough with flour and water to get cylinders of about 2 cm in diameter and cut into small pieces; then pull the small pieces up using the three central fingers of the hand until to obtain some dragged, but left opened (maccarun’ a l'ogn' lit. by nails).

Boil the maccarun’ in abundant salted water and season with fresh tomato sauce and a sprinkling of hard salted ricotta cheese.

Alternatively the maccarun’ a l'ogn' can be seasoned with fried crispy peppers broken and also with fried oil of peppers themselves.


Traditionally, the less well-off families seasoned the sauce for macaroni with a single piece of meat (usually a pork chop). This dish was called maccarun' a l'ogn' cu 'ntruppc (lit. with the obstacle). The obstacle was just this single piece of meat that stopped the fork; the meat was assigned to the first-born male.