Wine, food and welcome. A city to taste
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To discover the identity of a city and be able to appreciate its distinctive feature, it’s not possible to ignore the wine and food heritage of its people, that is result of the ground goodness and of daily experience handed on from generation to generation, through the wise repetition of gestures and traditions.

It’s for this reason that the knowledge of Grumento Nova can’t abstract from the tasting of local products and typical preparations, which reveal the peasant and genuine character of a cuisine, remained preserved and uncontaminated by external influences, where quality and tradition are still the main ingredients making the taste unique.

In this section are reported some recipes of Grumento Nova’s cuisine ranging from the starters, first courses, second courses and desserts of everyday tradition or typical during celebration days.


This section, where there aren’t other references, is edited by Francesco Tarlano

1 Pork and its by-products
2 Egg ring-shaped biscuits
3 Ring-shaped biscuits glazed
4 Reheated ring-shaped biscuits
5 Tart with black pudding
6 Cilìscini
7 Pancakes
8 Panzerotti
9 U piccill'
10 Cazzola
11 Fried codfish
12 Pasturale
13 Filled rooster
14 Wild baby onions with chili pepper
15 Omelette with asparagus and hops
16 Potatoes au gratin
17 Crispy peppers
18 Filled peppers
19 Horseradish omelette
20 Pizza with cracklings
21 U pecc'
22 Peasant’s mush
23 Boiled meat
24 Potatoes and beans soup
25 Cabbage and beans soup
26 Cooked bread
27 Spaghetti with codfish and onion
28 Maccarun' a l'ogn'
29 Làgane
30 Ferricelli with horseradish, breadcrumbs and chopped walnuts
31 The renowned Florio pastry store