History and traditions. From the Middle ages to the present
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The heritage of local traditions is like a treasure chest opening up to let the visitors know the real nature of people who inhabit it.

The events that concerned Grumento Nova’s area in the Middle and Modern ages are both written on history books and reported by buildings and places within the landscape, and they tell about men, traditions, felt and lived religion.

So why not have a walk in the village to discover churches and palaces, or in the countryside, to check how the time has modified man’s works, and how man, through the memory, tries to defend his works from the effects of time.

Saponara - Grumento Nova

1 Annunciation Day the 25th of March
2 Madonna of Grumentino Celebration day ("Salus Infirmorum")
3 Madonna of Monserrato celebration days
4 The typical Grumento’s femal dress
5 The toponymy: from Grumentum to Grumento Nova
6 From Grumentum to Saponaria
7 Roman relics in Grumento Nova
8 The feudatories
9 Aurora Sanseverino
10 The Castle of Sanseverino and the pictorial cycle
11 Places of worship in the city center
12 Places of worship in rural areas
13 The male monasteries
14 The female monasteries
15 The palaces and places of history and tradition
16 The earthquake of 1857 in Basilicata
17 The library “Carlo Danio” in Grumento Nova