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Roman relics in Grumento Nova

by Vincenzo Falasca


In the village of Grumento Nova are still saved some fragments of ancient inscriptions, coming from Grumentum, preserved in some later buildings. These inscriptions are documented in the Corpus Iscriptionum Latinarum (CIL) by Theodor Mommsen.


Gravestone (CIL n. 276)

Preserved in a garden in C. Danio street.

Transcription: "VIVEDIO VELICO VIVEDIA SILVANA CONIUGI BE - M - F - C - Q - V - AN - XVI" ("To Vivedio Velico from Vivedia Silvana made to the deserving spouse with whom lived for 16 years).


Gravestone (CIL n. 262)

Preserved in a garden in C. Danio street, next to the previous one.

Transcription: "D.M. - MARCO PAT. L ET ARRIA MAT FILIO BENEMERENTI FEC QU VIX ANNIS XVIII" ("To Manes Gods-  Dad Marco and Mum Arria built [this gravestone] to the deserving son who lived 18 years)


Roman inscription (CIL n. 230)

In the vegetable garden of Archpriest Caputi in Garibaldi street, 64.



Roman inscription (CIL n. 235)

Preserved in a garden in C. Danio street, in the same place of the previous one.

Transcription: "D.S.PEQ" ("money [pecunia] to Superni Gods ").


Roman bas-relief

On the ascent of the Cathedral Church, on the left, on the door of Vertunni’s vegetable garden.

It represents a divinity lying on a triclinium; probably it is an Apollo Pytho, that is the god Apollo accompanied with the attribute of the serpent Python under his right arm. The depiction of Apollo with the serpent refers to the oracular shrine of Delphi, in which this God was able to reveal, through the Pythia priestess, the future of human beings.