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The typical Grumento's female dress

by Domenico Florio and Maria Teresa Sacchetta


typical Grumento’s femal dress The typical dress of Saponaria’s women between the end of 1800 and the first half of 1900, worn on special occasions and during the celebration day, was formed by a white cotton blouse (a camm’sed’) with puffed sleeves (i goff’ ra cammis’), decorated with embroidered cuffs high up to the elbow.

The dress was usually light brown-colored and included a skirt refined with a large pleated, a corsage of the same color as the dress embellished with gold embroiders and a big handkerchief on the breast, white sheer stockings and the traditional apron (u’ vand’sin’, from latin ante sinum).

Dress was matched with a gold jewelry parure composed of pendant earrings and, for the neck, gold pendants supported by velvet straps.




Copyright text (where there aren’t other references) by Domenico Florio and Maria Teresa Sacchetta; pictures by Domenico Florio