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The palaces and places of history and tradition

by Vincenzo Falasca


Mastro Paolo Arches in Mancoso

The arches located in Mancoso area, according to the tradition, are the remains of a home that an anonymous bricklayer of the place never finished because discovered that his wife cheated him. It is said that he emigrated to America and never came back.


Roselli Little House

(State road 103, at Garden)

Mazzinian base of Saponaria and Tramutola. On the door of the Little House is placed an headstone where is written: "SEMPER APERTA BONIS, SEMPER CLAUSA MALIS" (“Always opened to the good people, always closed to the bad people”).


Giliberti Palace

It is a building belonged to the noble French family of Gilibert, moved in Agri Valley during the sixteenth century. The Palace, looking as an eighteenth-century building, was handed down in early nineteenth century to the family of Galantuomini Pericoli, later became Pricolo. The building is in fact called by Grumento’s people "Palazz' r' Ron Duminich", from the name of the last owner who lived there, Domenico Pricolo.