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Madonna of Grumentino celebration day (Salus Infirmorum)

by Francesco Tarlano


On Sunday after Easter it is celebrated the Madonna of Grumentino, in a sanctuary far about 5 Km from the city center of Grumento Nova, and it is placed a few hundred meters from the northern gate of the Roman city of Grumentum. So the sanctuary, in suburbs, perpetuates a sacred pagan area, and then early Christian. The celebration began in the morning with the downhill of the procession from the city center accompanied by the band, and characterized by the transport of the “cente”, ex-voto wooden and wax-made by the women of the city. At the arrival it is celebrated a mass and it is held a large fair, in memory of cattle fairs of the past centuries.

The sacred moment is very felt from the population, and the Madonna, procuress of sick and in particular infirm, attracts a large number of pilgrims from the whole Basilicata.

The day continues with the consumption of bag lunches, picnics and lunches in the farms, which represent an important opportunity for aggregation of the citizens. Unfailing on the tables of Grumento’s people in this celebration day is the “cazzola", that is a rustic Easter cake made with eggs, ricotta cheese and toma cheese.

Finally, the evening is enlivened by musical shows and it ends with fireworks.