Archaeology: the Charm of Ancient Times
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The archaeological site of GrumentumThe mysteries of the past always offer the charm of discovery or rediscovery of one’s own origins.

The archaeological area of Grumentum, located downstream of the city of Grumento Nova, represents a treasure immeasurable value for this area, allowing visitors to walk through a real ancient town, on streets that perfectly preserve the original flooring that face the public and private buildings which formed the Roman city.



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Furthermore, lovers of the ancient world will get more surprises from the Upper Val d’Agri area: in addition to visiting the city of Grumentum,  they can find many other small archaeological areas nearby, living witnesses of  a past still close and vital.

1 The archaeology of the Basilicata region
2 The history of surveys and researches about Grumentum
3 Prehistory and proto-history in the Upper Agri Valley
4 Lucanians, the hellenistic world and the foundation of the city
5 Grumentum city planning
6 Grumentum city walls
7 Forum area and recent excavations
8 The temples
9 The Republican thermae
10 The Imperial Thermae
11 The theater
12 The amphitheatre
13 The Domus of the mosaics
14 The sacred area of St. Marcus
15 The sacred context of St. Laverio
16 The aqueduct of Grumentum
17 The landscape of Grumentum
18 Christianization of Grumentum area
19 The Archaeological Museum